Bike mechanic with more than 20 years of experience, 15 of those as the service manager in one of the best known shops in Ljubljana. He took classes at Shimano and SRAM and is also trained for work on Cannondale Lefty forks. Sandi has a distinctive calm and precise approach to bicycle service, he’s just less enthusiastic when it comes to old city bikes and when something is “cracking” on the fully.


In the last 15 years, you could meet Miha in several bike stores, lastly in his own workshop. He’s also a team mechanic for team Unior Devinci Factory Racing, bike coach in Rajd bike camps & bicycle school and a guide. He likes exploring hidden flaws that challenge him to find new, innovative solutions. He’ll also bring an old city bike back to life – after excessive use of the hammer and spending way too many hours on it.


Our suspension expert. Anže is familiar with all operations on Fox, RockShox, Lefty & Manitou suspension – but even more than that, he understands what a specific setting or component does for the riding. Anže holds a title Trek Certified Service - Expert Technician and is qualified for work on Bosch eBike systems. He’s gaining experiences in the bike stores and in the last years mostly as a lead mechanic for the team Unior Devinci Factory Racing where he helped riders all the way to the podium. He likes to ride and experiment with settings on his won bike, when working he likes challenges like fixing a destroyed shock or problems that require to "invent" new & unique tool or part.