“Hey, you know what would be really great? If we would open super pimped bike workshop, with top mechanics.”

The idea came to reality in couple of months and the concept and appearance of the Bikehanic was born. Biggest turning point was of course the opening of the workshop in Ljubljana, which is by our modest opinion one of the best shops out there. We’ll fix any bike, regardless of the type or brand, next to that we’re also super proud on our specialized suspension workshop. Our ambition is to be the best bicycle service provider in the area, but we also want to bring this service to all of you and make it friendlier – with easy booking system, short delivery times and transparency.

V originalni ekipi smo združili znanje in izkušnje iz servisnih delavnic, servisiranja za tekmovalce najvišjega ranga, proizvodnje, prodaje, drugih panog kolesarstva ter celo korporativnega upravljanja. Vsak član ekipe je prispeval svoj delček v mozaik in skupaj smo razvili storitev, za katero stojimo, hkrati pa smo se pripravljeni tudi učiti in uvajati nove rešitve. Novi sodelavci so nam pomagali zgraditi zgodbo na višjem nivoju in vsak je prispeval svoj kamenček v mozaik.

Have trust in us and we’ll take care of your bike.

Bikehanic Team


Select your delivery slot and let us know what we need to fix, we’ll take care of the shortest possible repair time and quality work.


We’re extremely pleased that we have top mechanics on our team, we can easily call them “dream team”. We’ll select new colleagues very carefully and make sure they will get proper training and good working environment.


Come and take a look. All workstations are equipped with Unior’s best tools and equipment, we also made sure for proper illumination and ventilation. This enables our mechanics to give their full attention to the bike in front of them.


Shimano, SRAM, Fox, RockShox, Sinter, Jagwire and many others. We rely on original replacements parts of the well renowned brands, the same as we use on our own bikes.