“Hey, you know what would be really crazy? If we opened a really awesome bike service with top mechanics.”

And that’s roughly the idea that had been maturing for a long time, set the wheels in motion, and in a few months, the idea and image of the company Bikehanic took shape, with the major breakthrough being the opening of service premises in Ljubljana’s Stegna area. In the service, we “tinker” with all types and brands of bicycles, and we are very proud of our specialized department for suspension maintenance and servicing. Our ambition is to be the best bike repair shop around, but we also want to make this service closer and friendlier to all of you – with easy ordering, short service times and transparency.

In the original team, we combined knowledge and experience from service workshops, servicing for top-level competitors, manufacturing, sales, other cycling industries, and even corporate management. Each team member contributed their piece to the mosaic, and together we developed a service that we stand behind, while also being prepared to learn and implement new solutions. Our new colleagues have helped us to build the story to a higher level, and each has contributed their own piece of the puzzle.

Trust us, and we will take care of your bike.

Bikehanic Team


Choose an appointment and let us know the diagnosis of your bike, and we’ll make sure it’s serviced as quickly and efficiently as possible.


We are extremely pleased that we were joined at the start by top service technicians, who together certainly make up the Slovenian service “dream team”. New employees will also be carefully selected, and we will provide training and a pleasant working environment.


Visit us and see for yourself. All workstations are equipped with the best of Unior’s range, and the working environment itself has adequate lighting and ventilation. All so they can focus all their energy and attention on the bike in front of them on the service stand.


Shimano, SRAM, Fox, RockShox, Sinter, Jagwire and many others. We rely on genuine spare parts from recognised manufacturers, which we use on our own bikes and believe in their performance.